Phone Detective Review

Phone Detective Review

Is the Phone Detective the real deal?

Phone Detective Review | Rank #1 Phone Detective

We are constantly getting bombarded with phone calls everyday whether it is on our cell phone, work phone, or our home land line.  Even with called ID, most people will screen their calls if they don’t recognize the number.  This can lead to missing out on an important call from a job recruiter or romantic flame without you even knowing any better before using a tool like the Phone Detective. Just click on the Search Now button below to start your free search instantly with the Phone Detective.


Phone Detective Review


My Story with the Phone Detective

I had recently started a business and acquiring new clients was my number 1 priority.  I was calling and e-mailing hundreds of businesses a day but here was my problem – I had no idea who was returning my calls!  I tried putting the phone numbers in on Google and some would show up, some wouldn’t. I needed a service to give me more details on who was calling and the location they were calling from.  A system called the Phone Detective delivered with great results for this.

The Phone Detective system has saved literally thousands of dollars of business from falling through the cracks.  Also, I will use it for an unknown number that calls my personal phone which has been beneficial for other reason that I won’t get into here but the Phone Detective has salvaged some friendships.

What my friends have done with the Phone Detective?

Yes, I used the Phone Detective for work purposes and after showing my friends the system they had their own ideas. A friend of mine has been married for the last four years and over the last couple months has been receiving late night phone calls to his cell phone with no one speaking or leaving a voice mail. His wife started to question these calls and it was taking a toll on their marriage – but he could do nothing to explain these calls. After having a beer and him hearing about the Phone Detective to retrieving names and number for my business, he decided to give it a try. After running a few of the different numbers through the Phone Detective system, it was evident that the late night calls were coming from an old ex girlfriend from college. He was able to find out where she was living and effectively put a restraining order and blocked her from calling him on any number with her name associated with it. She stopped calling after that. The Phone Detective saved his marriage!

What Can I do with the Phone Detective?

Phone Detective is an advanced search gateway that is able to access millions of records about landline, mobile, and unlisted phone numbers at your disposal.  The information has been collected over the years from various sources such as public domain.

Why would you want the phone detective at your disposal?  The Phone Detective allows you to really get to the root of that bully or prank caller for your son, or your long lost realitive that is reaching out to their family, or to rekindle an old flame that wants back in your life.

Unlike a caller ID that is displayed on your phone, the Phone Detective actually gives you information on unusual or unrecognized numbers, so that you are kept protected and get in depth information about who is trying to reach you for whatever reason that may be.

Is Phone Detective Legal?

  • Phone Detective provides access to high-quality data with a high-frequency of matches that is 100% legal.  Keep in mind – nobody has 100% of numbers, and any claims otherwise simply aren’t true.
  • Phone Detective has a unique advantage by merging multiple different data sources to deliver more comprehensive results
    (other services may use data from just a single source, thus limiting their coverage).
  • Phone Detective is committed to providing quality services in an honest and ethical fashion.  This service is meant to be a a helpful solution and has aided thousands upon thousands of people over the years.  Any signs of misuse or abuse are swiftly reported and taken care of.
  • Most cell phone numbers aren’t available in free whitepages directories or people search sites.  Phone Detective is different.
  • Phone Detective seems to specialize in those hard-to-find numbers that won’t appear in other searches.  You will not find the majority of numbers especially for cell phones in a free reverse phone lookup.  After testing some rivals in the market, none come close to Phone Detective for accuracy, detail, and overall results.  There are plenty of imitations out on the internet, do your due diligence and research and you will see why phone detective has been the most successful over the years.

When it comes down to protecting yourself, your job, family, friends, or marriage Phone Detective provides the solution.  A perfectly legal reverse look up will uncover the truth or unveil the contact information to get a hold of that valuable prospect.  The possibilities with the Phone Detective are really endless.  You can use the phone detective if you are a business owner and want to screen potential employees you may be hiring.

Phone Detective Review


Sometimes timing is everything in a certain situation and if you wait to use the Phone Detective, who knows what will slip through your fingers.

Phone Detective Pros & Cons

What is the good, bad, and ugly about the Phone Detective?


Phone Detective

Okay – so there’s not a whole lot of bad and ugly to discuss about the Phone Detective, but there are a few things to point out for your information. After reading, if there are still some questions you may have please feel free to reach out to me through my contact page. I normally respond with 24 hours so click here to contact me. If you would like to access information about a number immediately please click here to get a report instantly.

Cons of the Phone Detective:

  • There is no live support on Phone Detective (such as live chat, phone number, etc…). Even though there is no instant live support, with the Phone Detective you can still receive help through e-mail which is relatively quick.
  • Another thing worth mentioning about the Phone Detective is that it does not work outside of the United States for tracking numbers.  In the future, the phone detective may open up for international service.  Currently, the phone detective has full coverage across the nation for both land line phones and cell phones.
  • The last thing you must take into account is that the Phone Detective is not guaranteed to located 100% of your phone number requests.  Any services that promise this are not being honest with you, the customer.  That being said, the phone detective does tout a 95% success rate for all phone number queries.  This is significantly higher than any other free or paid caller ID service.

Pros of the Phone Detective:

  • Once in the Phone Detective members area, there are plenty of options from specific searches and also running reports from phone numbers, names, and addresses.  With a large selection of options for searches, it ensures a better success rate of finding the information you need off of the phone detective.  You will be impressed when you see how powerful this tool really is.
  • Because of the extensive options the phone detective offers, you will be finding about 95% of the numbers searched.  This is much higher than any other service in the United States – I wouldn’t waste my money elsewhere for lackluster results.  This has the highest rate of successful look ups that I have found, and I’ve used multiple services.
  • Great support information is at your fingertips.  Once you start to use the phone detective service, questions will ultimately arise.  Will the person know that I searched for them?  Can I recover their e-mail address as well?  All of these questions are addressed in the frequently asked questions section of the phone detective website.  This is a great resource that covers most everything extensively.  However, if there are still some questions about the phone detective, you can send in a e-mail request with is very prompt with their response time.
  • Your safety is intact.  They have a 100% secure SSL website with full privacy that only members can enter with their unique username and password for the phone detective.  Also, you don’t need to worry about being up sold.  Any fees are on time, and your credit card won’t be continually billed which can be a hassle with other services.  The Phone Detective has a smooth, upfront process for its services.
  • Extensive database information is revealed.  Yes, you will get the name, number, and address but with the phone detective you will also discover their cell phone carrier, a map with their current residence, and even past residence is shown in each report.  This is important in case you or someone in your family is being harassed by a certain number.  With the phone detective, you uncover the information that is essential to get a solution.
  • Get unlimited use for your phone detective account!  You can use the service to look up as many telephone numbers as you need regardless of whether they are a land line or cell phone.  Keep in mind with the phone detective, it is a one time fee and you will not be charged monthly like many other services.  You never know when you will need to use the phone detective – it could be that mysterious phone number that called late on a Friday night or the missed call from the potential client.  You will have access to the phone detective twenty hour hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days of the year.
    Phone Detective

The phone detective member’s area is very easy to navigate. Everything is laid out in a very strait forward fashion that gives the user quick access to whatever number they need the phone detective to look up. You won’t be waiting twenty four hours to get results back from a number.  The results with the phone detective are instant once the number is plugged into the system.  Check out the image below for a sample report and layout of the phone detective members area:


Phone Detective

Uncovering Infidelity with Reverse Phone Lookups

Reverse Phone Lookups | Rank #1 Phone Detective

A cheating husband or wife can have a great impact on your family life. It often leads to divorce if not dealt with immediately and given the proper attention. So what are the signs of a cheating partner? Can you prevent or stop a cheating spouse? The answer is yes. You can stop infidelity through a system called reverse phone lookups.

Reverse Phone Lookups – A cheating spouse is easy to detect once you’ve mastered the art of observing. Observation is the key in immediately determining you’re partners’ infidelity. Some signs that you must be aware of are:

1. New set of friends you don’t get to know or meet
2. Finishing work much later than the usual
3. Change of style, new clothes and new perfume
4. Constantly checking cell phone
5. Making excuses to use the computer and shutting it down when you try to peek
6. Deleting call logs
7. Doesn’t want to hug and kiss
8. No desire for lovemaking
9. Having to work even on weekends
10. Not doing the things one normally does

Reverse Phone Lookups – These things are just a few signs that will let you doubt your spouse’s fidelity. They can be too careful but you will still be able to notice some things that are not there before. It is very important that you handle your doubts as soon as you can and as discreetly as you can. A wrong conclusion can tear your family apart so you must be very careful in handling things.

The easiest way is to check on your partner’s phone bill. Once you have the phone bill, look for numbers that appears regularly or with time increments that are close enough to raise a doubt. Write down all the numbers then go online and subscribe to Phone Detective, a reverse phone lookup system that will help you get all the information available for numbers that you want to check out. This reverse phone system can give you background information like the city or state and if you subscribe to a higher plan, the name and address of the owner’s number will also be given if available. Your searches will be confidential and you can even print out the information using the copy paste method.

A Reverse Lookup has other areas of specialty aside from uncovering infidelity.

You can also:

1. Verify an address of interest
2. Locate old friends, classmates, neighbors and former colleagues
3. Check on the numbers appearing on your caller ID
4. Put a stop on prank callers by getting their data
5. Keep you family safe by eliminating unwanted calls especially in the middle of the night.

Reverse Phone Lookups

These are only a few of the advantages of having a reverse phone lookup subscription. You will need just one and you can check out all the doubtful numbers to give you peace of mind. Verifying is now easy through the Phone Detective system. You can definitely cut off a cheating spouse’s infidelity the soonest possible time and avoid nasty confrontations that can lead to divorce. Once you have the reverse phone lookup system, you can just relax and let your fingers do the walking. No more heavy phone directories and scanning through white pages, just get to the bottom of things immediately.

Reverse Phone Lookups

Prank Phone Callers and Cell Phone Lookup Services

Cell Phone Lookup Services


Prank callers are such a nuisance. Imagine your phone ringing in the middle of the night or when you are busy doing your work. IsCell Phone Lookup Services that annoying or what? Do you just change your phone numbers again and again just to avoid prank callers? It’s too much hassle right? You can’t go changing all your numbers every time you get prank calls. That would be such a bother to you. The need to inform all your contacts that you have change your number again and again will just be too much. With modern technology, you can catch your prank caller through the reverse phone lookup service.

A reverse phone look up system will help you catch that annoying prank caller. It will stop the constant phone calls all day and all night. You will be able to sleep well when you use the phone lookup technology that several online companies are offering. Most of these companies offer free services but you will not be able to get the information you wanted from a phone lookup system. This is like using an ordinary phone directory online. Free phone lookup services are also limited to landline numbers. They will not be able to check cell phone numbers that you will need. With the popularity of mobile phones today, any information on prank callers calling your cell phone number is important.

Cell Phone Lookup Services

There are several things that you have to look for before subscribing to a reverse phone lookup service. First, make sure that the service provided will be in depth. The needed details and background information must be available to the subscriber. Second, you have to make sure that the phone detective service allows for all landline numbers, business lines and cell phone numbers within the United States. Third, the service provider must have a strong support staff that will back you up in case of search problems. You should also check out site reviews that can guide you in choosing the right phone lookup company.

Phone Detective is one company that can provide extensive service to its subscribers. Being a paid reverse phone lookup company, you are assured that you’re getting accurate information and background data. You will also be able to access a wide database that phone detective has to offer. Remember that only a few reliable reverse phone lookup companies can check cell phone numbers so you need to get the best like phone detective. Instead of hiring expensive private investigators, you can subscribe to this service and know your prank caller better than anyone else.

Cell Phone Lookup Services

With phone detective, not only can you stop prank callers, you can also look for information about old high school or college friends you want to get reconnected again, former colleagues and researched on missed calls that you get from that nameless number. The possibilities are almost endless. You can even check the phone bills of your spouse and children to make sure that they are only talking to people they know and not pranksters that are now prowling around.

Does Phone Detective Work?

What is Phone Detective? Does it really work? These might be the questions you are asking now since you discovered this Phone Detectivereverse phone lookup company. You might be having second thoughts in subscribing since you are not aware of the advantages in getting phone lookups services.

Phone Detective

Reverse Phone Detective is an online site that acts as a caller ID application for phone numbers that includes landline numbers, cell phone numbers and business numbers. It is available for contact numbers in the United States. The service helps you find background information on certain numbers that you need to check out. Most of the time, the reverse phone lookup system is used for the following:

1. Getting background information on prank callers
2. Looking for former classmates, colleagues and acquaintances using the last contact number they gave you
3. Researching for numbers that appear in your phone bill and nameless numbers from your phone
4. Verifying numbers and addresses

Registering to is easy. You just need to give some information and then choose the right subscription option for you. It will also give an option where you can easily choose to opt-out. It means that your information will not appear to users of the system or be given out to any third parties. If you subscribe to this reverse phone lookup system, you can get the following information:

1. Name of the phone numbers’ owner
2. Number type – whether it is a landline number or mobile phone number
3. Current and previous addresses of the owner
4. Location map

A premium membership will give you unlimited access to cell phone number database. You can have unlimited reverse phone lookups for both land line and cell phone numbers and unlimited search for addresses, phone numbers and household members. And there you have it, that’s what Reverse Phone Detective has to offer, you can easily subscribe by searching for a number today.

Does Phone Detective work? Based on the many success stories that members graciously tell, the service is definitely the best option for a reverse phone lookup system. It beats any free phone lookup sites that offers nothing except for one or two information and is limited to land line numbers only. In free subscriptions, you only get the most basic details and you will not get unlimited use of phone lookups. Their system does not allow extensive use of the details available. With these lookups you are assured of getting the most comprehensive background information of any number you type in. Remember that phone lookups must only adhere to lawfully permitted reasons. There are no shenanigans.

Phone Detective

You definitely get what you pay for. It works because they know how to handle your information discreetly and members are their number one priority. If you’re not able to get the information you wanted, they have a professional customer service staff that can assist you in finding the details you need at no extra cost. No need to drag heavy phone directories or white pages. You can check phone numbers in front of your computer even at the comfort of your home.

Are Phone Lookup Services Safe?

Phone Lookup Services


Recently I have had several visitors send me emails asking if Phone Detective is safe and secure to use. There are a few concerns people have with this service before they use it and this post should address all of these issues. Before I used this look up service I was personally concerned with the following aspects…

Are Phone Detective searches completely anonymous?

Will the numbers I search for be sold to telemarketing agencies?

Well after thoroughly researching both of these questions I found the answers I was looking for. The Phone Lookup Services on Phone Detective are 100% anonymous, meaning the person you lookup will never know you were investigating them. Discretion is a must when digging this type of information up and Phone Detecitve guarantees the service can never be traced back to you.The second thing I wanted to investigate was whether or not Phone Detective sold their list of numbers. I began carefully reading through their terms of service to find more information about this. The terms clearly state that any number you search for will not be given out to any additional parties.

Here is a link to their terms of service…

Phone Lookup Services

Phone Lookup Services


Phone Detective Terms of service

I also took things a step further by sending an email to their customer support. I received a prompt response and was assured that I had nothing to worry about with the security of my phone searches. So if you are worried about remaining anonymous with this phone lookup service it shouldn’t be a concern. Try giving the service a test run by doing a free lookup. From there you should be able to get a better idea of the power of PhoneDetective.

Accuracy of Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Reverse Phone Lookup ServicesWhen it comes to determining the essential information of a particular caller, many individuals are having troubles on what to do. The good news is that many are now engaging into the power of reverse phone lookup services. If you want to know who made that mysterious phone call or if you want to check the validity of the number and address of the one who made the call, then reverse lookup services are the perfect solutions to your problem. But despite of the benefits that one can easily get out of reverse lookups, there are those who question the accuracy of the new internet sensation.

One thing is for sure: the accuracy of reverse phone lookups is indisputable. With the information that you can get from a reverse lookup, the details that you want to have is just within your reach. You may be wondering now how accurate this kind of services is. By and large, the information that you can get is accurate to the extent that it brackets together with phone carriers directory and databases that are specifically collaborated. The search is based upon the underlying terms and conditions stipulated after the agreed payment necessary to proceed.

You can take advantage of the function of reverse lookup without any trouble. If you are someone who wants to make background checks, this is the perfect tool for the job. Also, if you want to request the basic information about a person who owns a particular contact number, you can effortlessly know the name, home address, other contact numbers, work address, and many more with just the use of this method. Having the accurate information about a certain individual is very accommodating for many personalities and entities. Isn’t it better to rest assured that you have the accurate information you need with the help of an accurate tool than worry about inconsistencies about essential information?

Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Some may think that the accuracy of reverse phone lookups entails a difficult process on getting what you need. If you look at it closely, this is not true. What is very interesting about this kind of service is that its accuracy is linked to convenience. This means that using reverse lookup services is free of any hassle. You simply need the phone number of the person whose information you want to seek about. Once you are online, go to the lookup directory that provides you with the services you need. Type in the contact number for your search in order to have the information you are seeking be returned, and voila, the information you need are all in front of you.

Clearly, the accuracy of reverse phone services is not for any questioning. Instead, it is for the benefit of many people who want to be sure about certain essential information about a contact number or any other individual. See for yourself how these services work and you will surely be amazed.

Reverse Phone Lookup Services

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